Alexandra Rebelo Week 10

Heyyyy guys!! I can’t believe that this is my last day in the 10th grade..this school year passed so quickly but at the same time so slowly.. At the beginning of the year I met new people and made new friends, I had new subjects and I felt a big difference compared to other years. I think that I worked hard to achieve my goals and I also felt some pressure coming from myself to achieve them, but what is life without any pressure or adrenaline? Anyway I’m proud of myself as well as of the people around me, which makes me very happy and grateful for everything I’ve been through. My friends, family and teachers supported me a lot this school year, so it also helped me when I was sad or when something hadn’t worked out for me. It was a mix of emotions from September until now and I’m relieved to know that the school year is over, but I’m also sad because I couldn’t say goodbye to my friends and teachers personally, like I always do.   I really enjoyed sharing my weekly routine

Melissa Pocepicky Week 10

Hiii guys!!! 😄 I hope everything is fine with you, because everything is fine with me. 😄🤞 As you may have noticed, today was the last day of school, I am very happy because today (26/06/2020) our summer vacation officially begins 😆🌞 .  As I said on the other post, this summer will be different, but that doesn't mean we won't like it as much as the other ones. 😊 .  I confess that, a few days ago, there was a beautiful sun and all, but that day is a dry period for a summer day ☁ ️ ☁ ️ , but that's it.  On these summer holidays, I will study a lot because I barely had time to do it, as I was always on the computer, I did nothing but working for school, but I’ll only start on July 1st…  until there: maximum use.  These online classes were a little different from normal, I can't say that I hated it, but I also can't say I loved it, but I tried to do my best to understand the contents and in the end I think it wasn't too bad.  And…. As soon as I fi

Diana Sousa Week 10

Hello!!!       I hope everyone is okay! In this text, I will not talk about my week, I will talk about this school year. It all started when I joined a new class, where I barely knew anyone, where I was seen as "the one who comes from the problematic class". All of these factors did not favor me and prevented the approach and adaptation to the new class. I went through this difficult phase, but it was worth it, because in the end I ended up meeting incredible people who are always ready to help, but there are still hose I don't know or at least I don't speak to very often, which for me is a little strange, because despite coming from a class full of problems, it was in this class that I felt good, where we all talked, we were all together, everyone knew each other and this is for me the true meaning of "class". The fact that I don't feel truly adapted to this new group makes me a little uncomfortable, confused and sad but each one is as he/she is

Rodrigo Ferreira Week 10

This week was the last week, I had classes online and some work as usual. This week I started playing the second part of The last of us, which for me is the best game ever made for PS4. I also went running on the hill.   This was my week.   Rodrigo Ferreira

Simão Sousa Week 10

This is my last post… Hello readers! How are you? I hope that you are in good health, as I’ve been wishing since the first week. This week I finished my school works and I’m happy for this because I was starting to get tired with a lot of work. My grades will be good, I think, but next year I need to work more to have better grades. Besides school and the school works, I continue to train alone or with my brother that plays football too. I’ve started reading a book too. Its name is “Eragon” and I spend almost one hour per day reading. On Wednesday it was Benfica’s match and I also followed it on TV with my family. My heart was almost  leaving my body because I was so stressed with the game because they needed to win… but that’s not so important here. Finally, I want to thank you for keeping up with our work here on the blog for ten continuous weeks. This experience was very nice and I had fun and  improved my writing skills in English. For the last ten weeks my teacher has

Rúben Matos Week 10

Hi, guys.  So here I am another time for this last text for our blog #lifeinreverse. So, this week I made the last works that teachers had sent us and I made my self-evaluation for almost every subject, helped with the housework and, yes, it was pretty much that. I’m glad that this is the last week of online school for this year because, as I said before, I don’t like it that much and I’d rather be in classroom lessons. But as things are going, I think that in September we’ll have lessons on Zoom again, but that is just my point of view. And talking about the virus situation, things are going not so well because people, after all, can’t respect the rules and the cases are not decreasing as they should be, since  this is happening almost all over Europe. I can tell that the government is making all the efforts to stop the spreading of the virus in the country because they are making new rules to apply to Lisbon, the area where there are more registered cases per day.  But the ho

Miguel Lima Week 10

This is the last week that we have online lessons, so probably this is also the last week that I’m gonna write for this blog. This week we didn’t have much work because it's the last week. I’m really happy that this year is almost over because the end of this school year was annoying. This week I kept training every day and I also went running or walking on some days. Probably the worst part of this week was that it was really hot and we ran out of ice cream and that's not acceptable. But apart from those things, this was a good week. Miguel Lima